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To get under aged chicks to get in your hot tub with you!
That sick bastard got Beth, Kate, and Ashley to chmura with him.
by Sac April 11, 2005
19 4
Basically some guy who will grow up to be a pedophile
James: Youre so weird joe, youre gonna be a chmura when u grow up.
40 years later:
Joe: hey kids! want some candy in my van?
by 30STM!! April 08, 2011
4 4
is a man whore, sleeps around. and is a male slut
you are being such a chmura
by slutlicker March 19, 2009
2 2
Mark Chmura - Green Bay Packers Tight End accused of raping his 17 year old babysitter after he got her drunk at a party after her high school prom

Jai was so pissed at his girl he stopped at McD's and picked up a couple of HS cheerleaders to get chmura on.
by Da Man0069 March 26, 2007
1 10