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When you bite into a burrito from taco bell or some other sort of "mexican" food establishment, and molten liquid cheese squirts all over your face, clothing, or other body parts.
Damn son, this burrito totally just chizzed on my face.
by squatch-one April 07, 2010
1) to work out in order to become extremely muscular
2) To ejaculate on a womans chin
im goin to the gym to get chizzed
by gorilla biskit November 30, 2004
1) the act of being out-coached and defeated in a shameful manner.

2) the quality of getting stomped on by a certain university with a certain head coach both of which are better than you.
Dude, Auburn's chizzed on 7 teams so far!
by WarDamn October 17, 2010
To be on the influence of marijuana. Another word for 'stoned'.
"Man, I'm so chizzed , oh my god".
by mikeleggy March 25, 2007