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Hacker Chick, spelled the leet (1337) way. , esp. one that is very attractive.
B3cc@ !$ teh 1337 chix0r taht j00 r3411y c@|\|'t b34+.
by Mutant Clown-boy October 15, 2003
A chix0r is NOT just a regular chick, she is one who is skilled at hacking. As you may guess, a real chix0r is extremely rare.
The first guys needs to get the facts straight!
by Elitist January 19, 2004
kick ass girl 31337 style
ra-chello is a chix0r
by Anonymous January 28, 2003
The l33t way of saying "chick". Meaning, a hot, sexy or beautiful woman. I regularly call chicks, chix0r, yet I have kissed a girl before. I once got given head. ;)
"Woah, that chix0r rox0rz my box0rz".
by Piro. Piro RoadKill. July 16, 2003