something cute to call someone you are in love with
you are my little chiwi and i love you very much
by dblazee November 25, 2012
Top Definition
An asian New Zealander (chinese kiwi)
by KT August 18, 2003
An individual that is born and raised in a small town. Lack fundamental education, usually does not have job, has too many poorly raised children, and poor hygiene. A very specific breed of white trash.
A chiwi lives in a house that may have plastic covering broken windows or plywood on places that need repair on existing siding. Person generally lives in colder environments, has multiple non-running vehicles and ATV vehicles in yard although has little to no land.
by Lady X Factor June 20, 2010
a fat little dog with short legs. The black back golden terrier.
The little chiwi ate all my food
by Luana January 01, 2004
The drummer for SOMOS 5.
Hey did you hear chiwi's new beats on SOMOS 5's new song.
by rans September 27, 2004
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