Rape of the anus.
Oh god no, please no, please don't chiv me. PLEASE!
by Jazz3r July 10, 2008
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a chav word for stab
the chav said "shurrup or ill chiv ya"
by Dj MC November 08, 2005
Knife, stabbing instrument, or to stab
I'll fucking chiv ya

I'll stick a chiv in your neck
by waller February 28, 2008
1. Discusting Chav.

2. Very Cute Small Animal... Like A Kitten Of Some Sort.

3. A State Of Unenthusiasticness... "Meh, Feeling A Bit Chiv Today"

Person: i'd of like killed the fat chiv with my words-- haha

chiv! hahaha i mean chav xD

2. 'Awww how cute, he's so small, and chiv'

3. "Meh, Feeling A Bit Chiv Today"
by Liim and Miim July 25, 2009
A fool that i know who is also known as yellow, merf, martyn, chav, cock nose the list goes on. He plays 4 WBHC although he's not very good :P, yet he still managed to score more goals than me this season!!! Cheer up chivs we won the league!! woo!!
I'm probably gonna get fined 4 this def arent I!!!
The only reason i made this def so negative is cause u showed the last 1 i made 2 tolley!!!
Merf scored a sitter again :):):):)
Im bored!!
by KingEdgar April 19, 2005
a spicy gay man
that chiv is a dubmass
by john sunshine August 12, 2008
(CHEEV)verb... to chiv someone is give them a slap letting them know that they have crossed the line from being appropriate to being downright obscene.
Did you see the way Dhub chived that kid yesterday?
by king of petoria December 12, 2007

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