to chill
Homey1: "Yo i'm so extremely heated right now!"

Homey2: "Chismmmmmm"
by Jeremy April 18, 2004
Top Definition
Semen, sperm, cum, load, jizz, penis butter, man chowder, spooge, baby batter, jizzles, jizz-o-frizz, jism, spunk.
Lindsay didn't like the idea to get her face plastered with chism, instead, she 'd rather take it in her mouth and swallow.
by yomommaloveit July 10, 2008
chick jism i.e. female ejaculate ( not urine)
Chism is vaginal squirting of a clear fluid caused by g-spot stimulation.
by Ms. Gush September 04, 2010
A short burst of swearing most commonly used after a fight when walking away
Person1: "Yeah keep walking ya idiot"

Person2 (walking away): "Chism"
by Yasin Gulec October 04, 2005
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