Dublin slang for a child
Some fucking chisler threw a rock at me car the other night
#child #kid #little person #pain in the arse #baby
by Rubot July 15, 2009
Top Definition
A person who is trying to scam you for cash (not a "thief" who will just take the money, or "scam artist" who is trying to scam you out of more than money), usually in a setting involving a transaction that would normally be no big deal
"That chisler tried to raise the price from $15 a bag to $40 after I came out to meet him!"
by T March 28, 2005
The ground squirrel. Terminology comes from Wyoming cowboys.
That durn chisler dug a hole so deep, when my horse stepped in it, he done gone lame.
#chisler #cowboys #wyoming #ground squirrels #horses
by Pitcherhorse May 14, 2011
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