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ch'ro bo with long o's

super excellent; like I'm nodding my head and looking around at my friends because that was so good
I'm watching ultimate fighting and this one guy knocks the other guy out with one punch, I look at my girlfriend and say "CHIROBO"...she says "huh?"
by dem22 April 14, 2009
"Chirobo" is a word used as a compliment or an affirmation that something is done well. It's not really used to describe yourself unless you're absolutely full of yourself. (or if you don't know how to use "chirobo" in a sentance correctly)
(So, I try to use the street terms my friends use, but it goes all wrong...often)

Me: I made a cake yesterday, you want some?
Friend: Yeah, what kind is it?
Me: Dude, chirobo
Friend: Ok (eats some) ...um...this is good, but not chirobo...you know you're not supposed to say that about yourself...
Me: oh...
by suburbiagrl April 15, 2009