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spanish word meaning small or petite girl
That chiquita looks like a kid, small figured female at least.
by Manami November 16, 2004
cute petite girl, can be used as a pet name for ones girlfriend.
Hey, did you see that chiquita that was hangin' on Steve's mom? I didn't know that MILF was into girls.

Hey Steve, let me know when your mom is done with that chiquita.
by zoloft zantac March 29, 2004
It means shorty in a good waySpanish.
pronounced CHEE-KEE-TA
Hey chiquita wassup?
by MariaAntonietta October 01, 2005
Cute, smart and very passionate girl. Has a sense of humor and brings life to the party when entering a room. Short and very petite, but has a big heart. Can be sensitive at times, but doesn't always show it. Can somewhat be a home body, but also enjoys hanging with friends or that special someone. Your small-figure can sometimes cause others to mistake you as a kid. Very mature for your age. Loves to read and obtain knowledge. You are always observant and quiet at times because of that.
Here comes Chiquita we can have some fun now. She always has a sense of humor.

That is one smart Chiquita.
by lil_chica February 03, 2010
A brand of bananas made popular with a commercialized song.
A wholesome, healthy, pure banana; look for Chiquita's label!"
by Chilyn September 20, 2005
rough muffin or otherwise known as my gangsta bitch on some west baltimore Edmondson Village riding in my 91 hooptie down for whatever rida girl bby.
DAMn look at u my mof*kin chiquita.
by triple 9 gangsta April 03, 2010
A cute Central American girl whoose breasts are petite but not ill-formed. Perky.
Rather than small and saggy, that chiquita has nice perky tits.
by John Ramirez November 05, 2007
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