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(noun) Pejorative term describing computers, stemming from resentment of their presence, usually perceived by the term's user as ubiquitous.

Entymology: Coined 2004, arises from ideology that "even though they don't make mistakes of their own, that don't mean sometimes they ain't a mistake to begin with." A "computer chip" is characteristic of most if not all modern computers, and is believed to be the root of this term.
"This neighborhood is going downhill. Seems nearly every house on this block has a chip or two in it."

"No good chips keep on taking our jobs!"

"You know who runs the banks nowadays, don't ya? Those damn chips."

"Went to the grocery store the other day, and who's at the front of the line ringing out people's groceries, not a regular cashier like you or me, but a chip! And you knew the two old ladies in front of me weren't gonna understand a single thing coming outta that chip and I was gonna be sitting there for another 20 minutes."
by Roc P September 02, 2005
1. (n) A crunchy snack food, traditionally made from potato slices but sometimes made with tortilla.
2. (n) In golf, a chip shot is a high arcing, short shot that is used to hit the ball over sand traps and to get the ball on to a green that is higher than the player's current position. Comparable to a lob, usually performed with a pitching wedge.
3. (v) To perform a chip shot in golf.
4. (n) A computer component also used in (usually Japanese) car engines.
1. Pringles are the best brand of chip.
2. That was a beautiful chip up the hill on to the green!
3. I'll have to chip this one over the sand.
4. I just put a chip in my civic and upped the horsepower to 60!
by The Definitionator July 29, 2005
Singular: a California Highway Patrol officer.
Plural: ChiPs - as in the 80's tv show. Erik Estrada played Poncho ("Ponch") & some other dude played his partner, Jon. Quality show.
I was doin' 95 on I-5 yesterday and all of a sudden, I had two CHiPs on my ass.
by sorcha October 07, 2004
A "lip" of "Chewing Tobacco"
Schlops: "Hey Cakes, you got a chipper i can sauce?"
Cakes: "Yea man, long keezy"
Schlops: "Yo lemme post and thwace this chip"
by PostinWithAFatChip November 29, 2009
to hit or strike with force. to take down
i chipped that nigga real hard
by xzakly November 16, 2007
The filter and tobacco for ones zoot.. to supply a rizzler. Lazily taken from ciggeretts.
'Oh man I need a chip for my zoot.. here, there is one from my fag'
by Juleigh August 20, 2006
1) To run quickly.
2) An electronic car modification that remaps fuelling, timing, engine speed etc.
3) A potato product.
4) To damage paintwork.
1) I got here as fast as i could, i was chipping it.
2) My car's mental, it's chipped to fuck.
3) Cods and Chips please.
4) Some fucker has chipped my paintwork!
by Wise Man October 02, 2003