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1. Chip (Noun)- Of African American decent.
2. Chippy (adj) - of or relating to African American decent.
"Yo B, the Chips are stacking in the club tonight!"
by LarryLX December 21, 2005
56 59
A secret word for Cigarette. This word is used when you talk to your friends about wanting to smoke but your parents are within earshot.
I'm going to go for a chip.

It's raining. Let's go eat a chip.
by Napia October 14, 2010
16 20
If something is chips, it's okay, if something isn't chips, it's not okay. That's that.
Me: "That's just not chips, mate."
by "P Nizzle" February 16, 2010
5 9
$10 bags of crack cocaine
dude on corner "hey man what you need?"
crackhead "got any chips?"
dude "yeah"
crackhead "can you do 13 for $100"
dude "sure"
crackhead "sweet"
by cicerohustle January 16, 2010
1 5
Generally a small piece of fried potato.

In America a chip comes in a special silver moon-bag and is able to withstand atomic blasts. Sometimes the chip comes in a card tube and is manufactured to aeronautic levels of tolerance in regards of flavor and shape.

In the Uk chips come wrapped in yesterdays news and vary greatly in quality and flavour, although are pretty much as dull as a staple food can be.

If you want the Uk equivalent of a chip, it's a crisp. And yeah, we have the little foil lined bags too.
Was putting Olestra in Pringles' chips really a good idea?

A bag of chips on the way back from the pub is never a bad idea.
by dj_monged August 15, 2004
27 31
To have sex with. To beat somebody up.
"Did you chip dat last nite?"
"I chipped dat nigga who stole ma cheese."
by P-nut53 October 10, 2007
12 17
When a person, place or thing is corny or stupid.
That girl didnt give me her number, she's chips
by Mippa May 14, 2006
28 33