It is a short word for a fag
if you need to tell some one that you are to to have a fag and there is someone there who doesnt know that you smoke you would say " i am going to have some chips!" or if you are going to have more than one yer would say "im going to have a portion of chips!"
Fran: I am going to have a some chips, want some"
by Menna NO! December 04, 2005
chip is used to replace the word bitch
Yo' momma, chip!

Carrie and Momoka are my chips.
by qwertytigger March 08, 2005
A name widely used in America, usually by idiot parents to name their somewhat more stupid sons. They are usually spoiled rotten, as often they are the only son and heir to their father's shotgun collection.

With a brain cell count that is the same as the amount of letters used for their name, they usually struggle with the most basic of spellings such as "USB" and end every sentence they speak with the word "Y'all."
"Shut up Chip, you god damn idiot!"

Tech Support: "Now plug the cable into the USB port."
by Rich March 24, 2005
annoying kid who runs around talking shit on other people who eats out of the ass of DC and gets with girls who are drunk and beat
"stop being a chip fucking cock sucking bitch"
by chip hatters international May 10, 2005
When something or someone is bad or bad at something
-Bro did u see that?
-Ya that was chips.
-No that was sick.
by Babeeeee July 24, 2015

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