Someone who has a chip on his shoulder is angry all the time. They feel that they have been wronged by the world, so they are always ready for a fight. They are easily offended because they feel that they have been treated unfairly by others, or perhaps they feel inferior. They expect trouble, so they are always ready for it.

It can also mean that the person has a grievance about something. Something bad has happened to him, and he might believe it was someone else’s fault. This kind of person is constantly angry about it that it affects his behaviour. In the person’s mind, he is showing how tough he is.

You can also use have got. You can also add adjectives to describe the size of the chip.
"To Have a Chip on One's Shoulder" - Examples:
I can’t stand working with Bill; he’s got such a massive chip on his shoulder. He’s so unpleasant.
…Keira Knightley has admitted that forsaking university in favour of a film career has left her with a “chip on her shoulder” over her lack of education. . . . She now battles to prove to herself – and those around her – that she has brains.
Excerpt from The Telegraph - U.K.
Success never made that chip on his shoulder go away.
Excerpt about Roger Ailes, Fox News Chief, from The New York Times
James “Sawyer” Ford - a character on the TV show LOST- started as the classic rogue with a shady past who parades around with a constant chip on his shoulder.
Excerpt from
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by Dani_elle December 20, 2012
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money (probably from the chips used in casino gambling)
I saved some chips to buy a new game.
by Light Joker February 21, 2005
Bad, or not good. In replace of weak or wack.
This song is chips, I'de rather listen to bethoven any day before this
#wack #weak #bad #terrible #horable #awful
by Noonz Tha Jackal August 12, 2008
A male, generally of Canadian decent, who displays a lumberjack beard and owns a magic penis.
1."Is that the dude on the Brauny paper towels?" "No, you can tell by his glowing pants that he's a chip."

2. "The only way to satisfy an entire Harem in under 5 minutes is to employ a chip."
#hot #manly #beard #jive #potato
by kayto82 February 03, 2010
A West COast slang term for money. Derived from the poker chips used in casinos.
I'm outta chips... I'm headed home.
by Grinch March 18, 2004
I Gotz Lotz OF Chips
by shane June 18, 2003
California Highway Patrol, or an old TV show with Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox riding on police motorcycles.
Hi, i'm Erik Estrada and I was on the TV show CHiPs
by eatsdoodoo May 04, 2004
a piece of a cigarette containing tobacco that is used to mix with ur weed for use in a joint
oi joe u got a chip?
by wouldnt u like 2 know October 18, 2003
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