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A popular game played in Britain, requiring only a wall and coins of the same value to play.This game can be played with 2+ players.

Everybody takes a coin out of the same value (£1, 50p and 20p are most common) and tosses it as close as they can to the wall one by one. If you manage to stamp on your coin before it stops moving you get a free shot (maximum 2 free shots). If two or more coins are the same distance away from a wall it is called liney and everybody involved in the liney gets another shot.

Once all the coins have been tossed the player whose coin is on or closest to the wall picks up all the coins and tosses them in the air, shouting heads or tails and picks up all the coins that landed on the chosen side. The person who was second closest to the wall tosses all the remaining coins and so on until all coins have been taken.

When playing with 2 players if a person shouts heads or tails and 1 coin lands on the chosen side then the other coin goes to the 2nd player. And when none of the coins land on the chosen side then the 2nd player takes both coins. If 2 or more coins are on the wall the coin which is touching more of the wall will be considered 1st.

You can either win or lose a LOT of money in this game.
Dude this one time I swear I won £37 in one day playing chipping toss with pound coins.
Yeah right! As if you could win £37 in a day.
by viking_98 February 06, 2012
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