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You've had to many chocolate chips or any sort of ice cream with chocolate chips in them. You could be high-per. Based of the term "shit-faced".

Chip-faced was said in "Miss Congeniality."
"Top me off pal, I wanna get chip-faced!"
by ChipFaced March 18, 2009

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Getting a stomachache or sugar high on ice cream. Just like getting shitfaced, but on ice cream.
Woman: Gimme a pint.
Bartender: Bad day?
Woman: Yeah.
Bartender: *hands woman pint of Ben and Jerry's™*
Woman's Friend: Hey, wanna go watch the game?
Woman: Not now. I'm getting chipfaced.
by iGelman3G January 15, 2010
(adj) shitfaced, aloof, fuddle (v) the act of eating so may chips you literally have chips stuck to your face.
Ryan's a fucking dick, but he gets chipfaced errday with Stasi.
by hipponameddippo123 November 19, 2009