the south park spin off on the pokemon craze... this was one of the best episodes evar!
im going to collect all the chinpokomon to be crowned royal chinpoko master, whoa!
by jimbob February 16, 2003
Top Definition
It's super toy number one. Buy Chinpokomon and you be having a happy feelings.
by Dagger June 16, 2003
Chinpoko means "penis" in Japanese. During the South Park episode of Chinpokomon, the Japanese claimed to have a very small penis. Therefore,I'm sure you can all see the hidden humor now.
"O you Americans have such large penis. Japanese penis is so very small."
"So small"
-South Park Chinpokomon episode
by Headfones May 01, 2003
When South Park did a parody of Pokemon, and the Chinpokomon wehe used to get the kids to bomb Pearl Harbor. The Japanese leaders get the government (including Clinton) to think the Japanese were harmless by saying that Japanese couldn't take over because the had small penises and the Americans had "mammoth penis. Just happy to be in room with big Amaerican Penis."
"Kyle, you don't have a Chinpokomon game controller! Jesus tap-dancing Christ!"
by Jeca May 07, 2003
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