A subculture in the Mexican Narcocoridor. Who celebrate the drug culture machismo and musica norte. They are also called drug cowboys due to the style of their dress as well as many of them working in the drug industry.
3 chinolas were arrested for drug trafacking today in TJ.
by nsh1212 March 05, 2008
Top Definition
chinola - A person thats from the state of sinaloa wich is located in mexico
yo soy chinola y tu que eres?
by Draz June 27, 2005
One of the many Spanish translations for Passionfruit this one in particular, is from the Dominican Republic.
"Esa chinola si que esta sabrosa!"
by melissafrnndz January 29, 2016
Chinola is a really crappy ICT teacher at my school but she now left. She has a big red chin and bright red cheeks and her accent is a mixture of english irish scottish and welsh.
she doesnt have a clue whats goin on in lessons and is a bit of a rasclat
whats the problem with that chinola bith? she ois a such a fucking gay
by MrW January 01, 2005
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