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upper class suburban city of los angeles california in the ie. everyone either drives an acura, range rover, mercedes, jaguar , bmw, and if anything else, its never older then a year . the moms are all fucking whores who go to starbucks and order the same shit every day and woudldnt be caught dead driving past the dennys on central or past the wal mart on grand, cus that goes into chino , and people form chbino hills NEVER go into chino. the kids are fucking hooked on weed, coke, or x , but their parents just act like they dont know when they give their kids money for lunch and instead they make deals in the parking in the back of chino hills high or ayala.
dude did you see those fucking kids just drive past us in that new 7 series?

ya man, theyre probly from that chino hills shit .
by Mchillsies September 19, 2007
Chino Hills - (91709)
A city in Southern California roughly 45 minutes away from downtown LA. It was founded in the early 1900's and remained predominantly rural until the 1980's, but remains a large city in terms of sq. mileage due to its large state park, Prado lake, un-developed grassland and the large expanses of suburban track homes.
Now to diverge from the official, Chino Hills is generally viewed as the incredibly affluent den of the upper-middle class within the predominantly, well, crappy, San Bernardino County. It is home to a -yet again in contrast to the rest of the county- good public schooling system, which consists of two High Schools Ruben S. Ayala High school (est. 1990) and Chino Hills High School (est. 2001).
<to be added to at a latter date>
Andres: Where do you live?
Matt: Chino hills
Andres: Where?
Matt: never mind.
by matijamc September 11, 2007
A Los Angeles suburb whose 5.8 magnitude earthquakes remind residents living along the San Andreas fault that one day... everyone's gonna die.
Chino Hills finally got its fifteen minutes of fame nationwide on July 29, 2008.
by The Mortal Elf August 28, 2008
A City in So Cal where it is somewhat ethnically diverse and everyone is either rich or pretending to be. Many people here are super judgmental and the girls are extremely hard to get. It's starting to get super crowded so crime is starting to go up. Cops are fuckin everywhere and the asians are trying to make it the next Hacienda Heights. Bordered by Pomona, Chino and Diamond Bar. Its a shitty city and everyone gets made fun of here because they aren't from chino or pomona.

Kid From Chino/Pomona:"fucking chino hills kids are levas"
by CHINOHILLSSUCKS March 18, 2015
A place far better than its surrounding cities, Pomona, Chino, etc, which only consist of retarded beaners tagging on walls when half the time they cant spell what they are trying to write. Don't come up in chino hills, were too classy for you guys. Maybe thats why all the mexicans bring their entire platoons of children around for halloween? They get the good candy up here, not the chiclets....Our moms are far better looking than any of the women in the surrounding cities, so I suppose thats a bad thing according to what others write about Chino Hills. While all your relatives look like beached whales, only the best reside in the hills.
ey yo foo, less take our freakin scrapers to Chino Hills with our tiny ass 14 inch wheels and drive around bouncin because we cant afford to do anything else....way
by frijolero..... March 08, 2011
“The gramma grass referenced by the explorer terminated in a graceful curl, and that “chino” in the Mexican vernacular meant “curly hair,’ hence the name applied to this valley of gramma grass.” According to Why We Celebrate the 1st Territorial Capital Days in Chino” Retrieved Sept. 21, 2009 from the Chino Valley News com

The curly hair in Spanish slang was generally meant to be pubes, and 'chino hills' would be mons pubes in slang.
Hey your chinos are showing in those shorts. Wear them chinos. You want people to see your chino hills?
by Herbert757 September 21, 2009
a city just like chino :D except the city's built on hills.
Man: Let's go to Chino Hills!!
Woman: Okay. But isn't it just like Chino?
Man: No, there's hills in Chino Hills!!
by Death Cab for Kyna January 25, 2006
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