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to have a right old chinnwag, n a right good laff, just a right lads saying, can be used however u want it, its stricktly lads, u know blokes chaps n that fellas geezas, u know just general lads.

u can abreaviate it aswell to, chinns, grinns, chinnwag,
C n G's anyway u want really

its a chant aswell if u want.

its just a general urban treat.
'come on f't chinns n grinns f'tlads n that?'

'remember when gelly got his chode out f'tlads, that was Grinns that.'

'go on, will be just general chinnwags really.'

'Chinn n Grinns, Chinn n Grinns, Chinn n Grinns,' (ect)
by marcston mate June 01, 2007
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