chinese-looking eyes after you get high
(Chingy:)What's up?
(Girls:)Why ya eyes so chinky?
(Chingy:)I dont know
(Girls:)Is it because you been smoking and drinking?
(Chingy:)Maybe so
-from 'Chingy Jackpot' on the Jackpot CD.
by AnGeL April 09, 2004
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Top Definition
A racist term, derived by the word "chink", to describe anyone of Eastern Asian descent (i.e. Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.). Not a "cool" term since it has been used against us in a negative fashion for centuries in the United States.
You're a chink.
by SMJKim January 14, 2004
Rascist term used to discribe anybody that is oriental.
Chinese food.
by kujo April 23, 2003
While not really as racist as it derogatory counterpart chink, it is, while not as explicit, describing the eyes of those of East Asian descent (aka China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, etc.). The word usually doesn't have the same racial effect when used by two Asians, as opposed to the exchange of someone of another race (i.e: Caucasian-Asian, African American-Asian, Hispanic-Asian, etc.).
Kevin (Filipino): Hey Chanel, pose for the camera!
Chanel (Laotian): -smiles with eyes open-
Kevin: Open your eyes! Oh nevermind, you're jes' chinky.
Chanel: -laughs- Hahah, shut up!

Eric (Caucasian): Sup, chinky face, wanna get a quickie?
Kimberly (Japanese-American): -smacks Eric- Racist demon!
by ERIAIZZLE May 09, 2006
To refer to Chinese food.
Lets go get a chinkies.
by AnthD October 06, 2007
high eyes; also a british term for chinese food
Let's get chinky!
by Justanaveragejoe November 20, 2014
An Offence To Asian People
James You Chinky Bass U Want A Cookie
by Loddy June 16, 2008
A cool person who is probably of Asian origin.
That person is sooo chinky... i want to be them!
by Iamavagina June 09, 2011

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