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1. A fernando with a sexual obsession towards females of Asian descent.
"Fernando, you're such a chinkster."
#mexlax #mexicans #asians #pythagorius #guys
by Teh Sorrow July 10, 2008
The word chinkster is used to describe an asian hipster.
A chinkster is an asian version of a blipster and hipster
#hipster #blipster #soho #williamsburg #the village
by Hatake Kakashi November 19, 2007
asian trying to be a hipster. complete and utter disgrace to both the asian race and hipsters.
joel is such a chinkster. he's got to lose that stupid hair, thick glasses and dress like a proper bloke
#homo #gay #asian #hipster #glasses
by SpiderMan84 March 19, 2015
very similar to wigger or wangster (usually used for a white person trying to act black but can be used for any race - including preppy black people) except directed at chinese people. there are some ignorant people that use chinkster for other asian races when the correct word would be wangster or wigger.
person : hey edward, wat's up?

edward: nun much homie, wat you been doin gangsta?

person : shut up edward. you're such a chinkster.
#wangster #curry #cracka #wigger #nigga
by katie for curry June 13, 2006
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