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Simply put, a woman's double chin.
Vikram: Dude, that chick has a second set of tits on her jaw.
Lance: Yea I know. Total chin crack.
Vikram: Would you say she has a chingina?
Lance: Why yes, I certainly would, old chap.
by sadiq823 September 14, 2011
n. a form of goatee trimmed until only a small portion of facial hair is left covering the chin and underneath the chin, resembling a vagina with hair.
The man had shaved his entire body until the only hair left was a chingina under his mouth.
by Marcus February 11, 2004
That goat-tee landing strip on a guys chin.
"I think that dude's chin looks like a vagina's landing strip or a chingina."
by Al Nolan December 10, 2008
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