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en espanol: "fucking thing" - often substituted when the name for an item or object cannot be remembered, or said item or object is misplaced.
puta madre.. no puedo recordar el nombre de la chingadera!
motherfucker.. i can't remember what you call the fucking thing!

yo no se donde esta la chingadera!
i don't know where the fucking thing is!
by NumeroUnoChingon August 02, 2010
127 41
A wonderfully suggestive word for "thing". Safe to use at work or in the bedroom.
"Are you done playing with that chingadera?"
"I can't seem to get that chingadera to work!"
by monkeyboy27 April 07, 2004
315 173
Piece of crap
Esto es una chingadera - This is a chingadera
by Guillo June 03, 2004
211 127
this is absolute bullshit!!
this is crap!!
estas son chigaderas!!
by CC April 11, 2004
71 34
something bad or a misdoing; used as a replacement for an item or object if its name is not known or forgotten
bring me the.. the... fuckin.. uuuhhh. la chingadera!
by ric781 November 03, 2009
81 63
noun: a thing, literally "a little god-damn it".
Hey, buddy, hand me that "chingadera" over there.
by 1wordsmith May 17, 2011
36 41
the device used to remotely unlock and lock the doors of a car; key fob.
He unlocked the car using his chingadera.
by SwampAggie May 09, 2010
17 83