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Another name used for the game 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'. Commonly used in the UK.
"Hey do you want to play Ching Chang Chong?"
by Boot123 June 11, 2012
A stereotype of the way that asian or oriental people speak, especially chinese. More than likely is offensive to practically all Asian people.
I can't stand that ching chang chong talk. What the hell is he freaking saying?
by ACL April 13, 2004
The sound made when an Asian droppes a coin onto the ground when trying to name their newly born child.
Father: Wat we going to call er.
Mother: I got idea.We use ancient Chinese naming technique.
Father: Great idea. I get coin.
Mother: Ok.Ready.You listen, I drop."CHING CHANG CHONG"
Father: Oh I hear Ching loudest. We name her Ching.
by anonymous85 July 27, 2006
A Racist or Stereotypical reference on Asian race (More like on Chinese Kinds) or a Racist Asian Language that many people wont understand except the person who speaks it right
John: Hey Lee, tell me if I say something in your language. Ching Chang Chong

Lee:这是非常种族主义(That is very racist)
by Kittymustshio June 03, 2012
how chinese students sound when they talk
me: hi danny

chinese student: ching chang chong! hiyiyiyiyiyiyi (laughing)
by God April 21, 2005