A Racist or Stereotypical reference on Asian race (More like on Chinese Kinds) or a Racist Asian Language that many people wont understand except the person who speaks it right
John: Hey Lee, tell me if I say something in your language. Ching Chang Chong

Lee:这是非常种族主义(That is very racist)
by Kittymustshio June 03, 2012
Top Definition
A stereotype of the way that asian or oriental people speak, especially chinese. More than likely is offensive to practically all Asian people.
I can't stand that ching chang chong talk. What the hell is he freaking saying?
by ACL April 13, 2004
The sound made when an Asian droppes a coin onto the ground when trying to name their newly born child.
Father: Wat we going to call er.
Mother: I got idea.We use ancient Chinese naming technique.
Father: Great idea. I get coin.
Mother: Ok.Ready.You listen, I drop."CHING CHANG CHONG"
Father: Oh I hear Ching loudest. We name her Ching.
by anonymous85 July 27, 2006
Another name used for the game 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'. Commonly used in the UK.
"Hey do you want to play Ching Chang Chong?"
by Boot123 June 11, 2012
how chinese students sound when they talk
me: hi danny

chinese student: ching chang chong! hiyiyiyiyiyiyi (laughing)
by God April 21, 2005
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