adj. /ching chang/ description of surface/object/charectaristic as uneven. Synonyms: "jagged" "rough"
"Your hair is very ching-chang today"."Those hills are very ching chang".
by Carmen+Rafiqi April 25, 2008
Top Definition
A blinging asian wearing shiny objects made of gold, silver, or any precious metal.(not always precious metals sometimes it includes polished spoons, tinfoil, shiney plastics, etc.
Wow look at that asian. Ching Chang Nigga.
by DavidNguyenIsNotAsian August 16, 2004
If you've ever heard a gun load, you'll know what noise it makes. The noise is "ching-chang" and can be used any time you feel necessary. Usually, it is used to highlight one's awesomeness, or true style and pimpin'. See zing.
A: "Man, my girl gotta move her blog 'cause her friend is jealous of us!"
B: "You're such a vato right now, yo."
A: "Ching chang."
by RENEGATUS DOT COM September 05, 2005
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