Any sort of bread roll or sandwich, which when eaten, would remove a loose or damaged tooth...
usually used to describe a hard bread roll full of thick slices of cheese.... asking for a chinese dentist at the deli counter
by Mark Landers May 21, 2008
Top Definition
A mythical person who is said to exist in remote areas of China, but has never been sighted by a reputable source. If existent, he would fix teeth and make them look better. The evidence just simply isn't there to announce he's real.
Mr. Li was excited. He rushed into his home and shouted at his family, "I just saw him! I saw the chinese dentist! He's real, and he gave me a stick with bristles on it!! Behold this magical brush!"
by Horace Zemelli November 26, 2006
The colloquial term for a bet in gambling of either $2.30 or $230.
James: "fifty cents"
Ali: "one dollar"
Jeff: "tooth hurty"
Mark: "aahhahaha! Chinese Dentist!"
by spoogene February 04, 2010
Casual slang for two-thirty in the afternoon, as in Tooth-Hurty.
Can be used to arrange meet-ups at two-thirty in the presence of others who you do not want to attend. However, it only caters for a very small region of time.
Bob: Alright, see you at chinese dentist.
Phil: Nice one.
Alex: What? Where's the chinese dentist?
by lbr11 October 03, 2011
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