Putting both hands on a cock and twisting in opposite directions.
She was sucking me off when I farted, so she gave me a chinese burn. I haven't been able to piss right for a week.
#penis #pain #chinese #burn #ouch
by TedZeppelin March 02, 2007
Top Definition
A basic form of causing physical pain that is usually experienced for the first time in infant school. It invloves gripping the top of somebody's forearm with both hands then rotating the hands in opposite directions, thus stretching the skin. Tolerance to this increases with age, unless a meathead tries it and mangles not only your skin, but your muscles, ligaments and bones also.
1. Aww, I let my little cousin give me a chines burn today, and I pretended it hurt me.
2. Johnny Meatface wrestled me to the ground today and give me a chinese burn. I couldn't even breathe, let alone scream.
by anon. April 14, 2005
A twist in a perons arm going both ways. Meant to cause pain and sometimes leaves a mark.
That bastard left a Chinese burn on me for no good reason.
#indian burn #flesh twist #charlie horse #pain #torture
by Dead Deer July 07, 2006
When a Chinese person insults you it is a chinese burn.
"she said my penis was tiny"
"oh bro, thats a chinese burn"
#chinese #burn #penis #insult #burned
by moonlight rose June 03, 2015
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