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Heroin, or especially heroin from China
also called "Asian white"
"I'm living on chinese rock, all my best things are in hock" - song by Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers
by suckermc5 July 29, 2004
1) Form of heroin.
2) Ramones song.
1) Hey man, you got any Chinese rocks?
2) A: Hey man, you heard that song, 'Chinese Rock'?
B: You mean the Ramones one? I like the Heartbreakers version better.
A: Why?
B: It sounds dirtier. I like that.
by bambie brown May 07, 2006
Actually is wasn't written by Johnny Thunders at all. Most of it was written by Dee Dee Ramone, another 2 verses was written by Richard Hell who was, of course, also in the Heartbreakers and also a junkie.
cited from speratical
by Joe Mama April 12, 2005