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The Chinese penis and the Western penis represents the forces of yin and yang.

Yin = Soft
Yang = Hard

An old Chinese proverb illustrates this :

A Chinese penis is always hard, strong, and unbending like an oak tree reaching into the heavens.

A Western penis is always soft, fluid, spongy, and very loose like the beautiful clothes waving in the wind on a clothesline.

A piece of metal reminds me of a Chinese penis while tasty jello reminds me of a Western penis.
by Dr. Richard Foxworth, PHD November 03, 2006
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An old, untrue rumor made by Caucasians after they felt threatened by the FALSE myth of black people having larger dicks.

A Chinese penis is the same as any other penis, don't believe the stereotypes..
"My chinese penis is 6 inches long."
"NO WAI! But ur asian!"
"And what, a black person has a 9 inch?"
"They do.. right?"
by A Chinese dude November 27, 2007
A term used to describe the severe shrinkage of one's penis after a swim in sub-Arctic temperature water.
'Man that water was cold, (looks down pants at shriveled cock), I've got a case of chinese penis'
by sum ting wong November 27, 2013

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