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When a woman pulls a bloody tampon out and whips it around above her head, spewing red blood all over the walls in a circular fashion.
Before she left my place, that bitch gave my bathroom a Chinese helicopter.
by scuba steve ironman October 01, 2013
When a woman is giving a blowjob, and she's spinning around the mans penis, and she suddenly shits a bucket of chowmein in a spiral around the room.
We got charged by housecleaning because Suzy dropped a Chinese helicopter on the walls.
by Shitbox Charlie December 10, 2012
Phrase originated in the Singaporean army, when many soldiers and sergeants had problems pronouncing English words properly, during the 60s to 90s.

When the men laughed at the sergeants, they would respond by saying: "I'm Chinese educated." Unfortunately, their poor pronunciation resulted in 'Chinese educated' sounding like 'Chinese helicopter'.

In present day, could be used to refer to Chinese from the mainland when they immigrate to other countries. Usually a derogatory term.
Look at that Chinese helicopter, coming over to our country to steal our jobs.
by Martini Cocktail August 14, 2016
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