Used as a euphemism in sports, when in a particular zone there is mass disorganization, confusion, or lack of cohesion.
Bill: Did you see the Senators power-play last night?

Ted: It was brutal! The whole thing looked like a Chinese fire drill
by Shotgun Messiah05 January 17, 2009
During a threesome (with two guys and a girl.. or three guys..... but seriously two guys and a girl), two males stop their motions, yell out "Chinese fire drill!" then proceed to jog around in a circle three times. After this, the two males swap positions and continue on, after a high five of course.
Jimmy and bobby where happily pig roasting Jane, when Jimmy suddenly shouts "Chinese fire drill!". Both Jimmy and bobby stop what they are doing immediately and run in circles around Jane three times. After this is completed, Jimmy and bobby swap positions and give each other a high five in successful completion of the Chinese fire drill.
by malcky December 05, 2011
The REAL chinese fire drill
A "Chinese fire drill" is when people trick a random stranger into entering their car amidst a lot of commotion. There is a lot of noise and movement, and the victim is usually distracted. During the time they're in the car, they're actually pricked with a needle carrying blood tainted with H.I.V.
They are then let out of the car, their assault unbeknownst to them.
Then they sleep with everyone at a party, and everyone dies.

Especially Casper.
He got the Chinese Fire Drill, he got it bad.
by Yeah I said that September 05, 2012
chinese firedrill is when a car comes to a red light, someone yells "chinese firedrill!!", somebody has to get out and run around the car (doesn't matter who, "not it" works) and get back in before the light turns green.

If the light turns green before the person is back in the car, the driver drives off. this gets especially amusing when someone locks the doors.
Nate was stranded when he didn't make it back in the car during the chinese firedrill.
by snoop dizzle January 19, 2005
Any incident involving mass confusion, esp. involving a particularly large crowd. Basically, a bunch of people panicing when they really shouldn't be.
"Trying to evacuate the city before the hurricane hit was like a chinese fire drill; people were running everywhere."
by Telegram Sam April 26, 2003
a racist term that denotes that something is completely haywire. When one says that something is as "hosed up like a Chinese fire drill" it means that there is a massive confusion going on. The complexities and complications of the Chinese language is probably a factor in the use of this term. Still, it's a racist term to use because it implies that Chinese people don't have their shit together. Besides, if you were to see a REAL fire drill in China it probably would be just as orderly as one held in the West, even with the Chinese language being as difficult as it is. Sometimes the term "Polish fire drill" is used to mean the same thing.
Billy is 16 and taking driver's ed. He pumped the accelerator too forcefully. He killed the engine and needs to wait a minute or two, then start it up again. Sitting next to him is the driving instructor Gerald. Gerald tells Billy that he's got it all fucked up like a Chinese fire drill.
by Starpunk October 13, 2007
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