some guy that you pick up but can't get rid of, who after 2 weeks of dating, is ready to get married and pop out 4 kids. be expected to do everything around the house AND work to bring in extra income towards another house.

see also cheapskate, slumlord, domestic abuse, housewife, mortgage, and (non)(sexual gratification
"I see them girls wit their chinese boyfriends. Un-uh. That shit ain't for me. I need substance to a
man. Height-wise, width-wise, and dick-wise."
by malice January 14, 2005
Top Definition
A man of Asian decent who is family oriented, skilled in techniques of love balancing both emotional and physical and mental harmony.
My chinese boyfriend is so sweet. Today when he got back from work he asked me how my day was while rubbing my feet!
by wnddrrwmnn January 16, 2005
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