A name concived by Ian And Jon Smith that basicly means prep. Chine's are almost always rich and or a douche bag. Chine is a word that can have many add ons for example, Chinebag. Chines are to frowned upon by all anti-Chines.
Bob: Hey look at all those Chines
Rob: I know
by CHALKTHESUCh February 04, 2010
To remove oneself; to leave.
I'll see you later Whitney, I'm chine to bed.
by Jake Parsons January 22, 2006
1. Of or pertaining to the vaginal section of the female body.
2. What my sister had for dinner last night.
It was a blind date, so I just pretended she was storing fish in her chine, just so I wouldn't seem rude.
by SirThomas August 25, 2003
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