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Short for machine. Could be used to criticize another for robotic, repetitive or otherwise useless actions.
Or to phrase someone who is hard-working, well-built or careful
Example 1)
Person 1: Brad just bought another 6 pairs of Js, 4 fitteds, and he doesn't have a job.
Person 2: Man's a buyin machine.

Example 2)
Person 1: No wonder Sarah's always tired and never goes out, she works 3 jobs and 40+ hours a week.
Person 2: Girl's a machine.
by shabazz22 May 01, 2010
A person of Asian decent : Not related to a Chinese person
Check out that chine
by Bao Thai December 05, 2007
A person who acts Chinese in an extremely stereotypical fashion; usually an individual of Chinese decent.
Chines, how did your midterm go?
by stupidfran May 13, 2008
The word is a mixture between chain and shrine. It describes any type of bag that is held up by a chain, rope, string etc.
Example: backpack, purse, tote, etc.

Wait hold on let me just put my books in my chine.

Yeah just put it in my chine!

I'll just carry it in a chine.
by InfiniteCR October 01, 2013
abbrieviation for machine, and one who doesnt miss any type of basketball shot ever.

the concept of missing a shot doesnt apply
I was like the chine at marks house
by chine1122 July 15, 2011
What it sounds like when punks say "chileeee"
Are you going to the club?

Chine I ain't about to go out there with those tired girls!
by Cblaster March 27, 2011
A name concived by Ian And Jon Smith that basicly means prep. Chine's are almost always rich and or a douche bag. Chine is a word that can have many add ons for example, Chinebag. Chines are to frowned upon by all anti-Chines.
Bob: Hey look at all those Chines
Rob: I know
by CHALKTHESUCh February 04, 2010