A name concived by Ian And Jon Smith that basicly means prep. Chine's are almost always rich and or a douche bag. Chine is a word that can have many add ons for example, Chinebag. Chines are to frowned upon by all anti-Chines.
Bob: Hey look at all those Chines
Rob: I know
by CHALKTHESUCh February 04, 2010
Top Definition
A person of Asian decent : Not related to a Chinese person
Check out that chine
by Bao Thai December 05, 2007
The word is a mixture between chain and shrine. It describes any type of bag that is held up by a chain, rope, string etc.
Example: backpack, purse, tote, etc.

Wait hold on let me just put my books in my chine.

Yeah just put it in my chine!

I'll just carry it in a chine.
by InfiniteCR October 01, 2013
A person who acts Chinese in an extremely stereotypical fashion; usually an individual of Chinese decent.
Chines, how did your midterm go?
by stupidfran May 13, 2008
abbrieviation for machine, and one who doesnt miss any type of basketball shot ever.

the concept of missing a shot doesnt apply
I was like the chine at marks house
by chine1122 July 15, 2011
What it sounds like when punks say "chileeee"
Are you going to the club?

Chine I ain't about to go out there with those tired girls!
by Cblaster March 27, 2011
Short for machine. Could be used to criticize another for robotic, repetitive or otherwise useless actions.
Or to phrase someone who is hard-working, well-built or careful
Example 1)
Person 1: Brad just bought another 6 pairs of Js, 4 fitteds, and he doesn't have a job.
Person 2: Man's a buyin machine.

Example 2)
Person 1: No wonder Sarah's always tired and never goes out, she works 3 jobs and 40+ hours a week.
Person 2: Girl's a machine.
by shabazz22 May 01, 2010
Acne that is exclusively on someones chin. Mostly happens to athletes who need chin-straps for sports (football, lacrosse, hockey etc.)
Tom was a cool kid but never could hook up with a girl beacuse he had terrible chine.
by tbull07 May 10, 2007

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