Product or person of dubious quality, usually of Third-World origin. Derives from term to describe from low quality bongs produced in either China or India.
Chaz: My Pantec Matrix phone is so fucking ghetto. It keeps falling apart!
Sam: Lol that thing is so chindian!
by Alan Li 41488 January 26, 2011
One who is of Chineses and Native American/Aboriginal descent. Most commonly found in western Canada. Mostly found on the border of Chinatown and the hood. When called a Chindian, they take offense. They prefer the terms "Chaboriginal" and "Chinuit."
The young criminal Levi almost killed was indefinitely a Chindian due to her squinty eyes and Whitequill shirt.
by Dick Pepperfield April 25, 2010
Half chinese and half indian (the taxiedriver kind). Enjoys lax and shrimp salad.
Chindian is a lax god.
by Shrimpsalad March 31, 2005
A slur used to describe Tibetan people.
Fucking chindian sherpas and their yaks...
by RobVsWorld June 21, 2005
an east indian person who tries to act chinese
chindian "fag"
by shiz ma niz May 16, 2003

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