A higher level of chillin' or could be a reference to comfortability around chinchillas
I'm chinchillin' with a chilly chinchilla just chinchilln' on my chinny chin chin chinchillin' at a chilly Chili's chewing on chilled chinchilla (who also has a chilly chinchilla...)
by CaptainL337 October 26, 2008
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kickin back and enjoying life.
Henry and I picked up a vanilla dutchie after work and got right to chinchillin after a stressful day.
by TecTina September 16, 2003
Chinchillin is a form of extreme chillin. Usually performed after a lame ass day of school and/or work. Alcohol, weed, ecstasy or cocaine must be used before attempting to chinchill.
That nigga Johnny B and I were chinchillin last night with some bitches.
by The Lujan March 02, 2009
Hanging out and relaxing; chillin'
"Hey what's up man?"
"Just chinchillin' what are you doin'?
by Slow Shank September 06, 2003
A form of extreme chilling, that requires the ability to slow heart rate and take on the most extreme relaxation state with mates.

Can only be performed by the most accomplished chillers.
Rat: Alright Jamie, What you upto mate?

Jamie: Just Chinchillin with my boys Will and Dec.

Rat: Oh okay, thts fair too advanced for me, have a good one!

Will: Yeh do one mate

*Chinchillers high five each other and return to a state of chilling
by Cathatron December 15, 2010
Hanging out, being relaxed and mellow. This is done preferably with a real chinchilla. (a pet not a coat)
I was chinchillin last night, just smokin a bowl and my chinchilla picked up a nug and hopped off with it! Total buzzkill man.
by Chinchillindude January 05, 2013
1. A mix between chinwagging(talking) and chillin'

2. What a chinchilla says when you ask him what he's doing

3. A sik term which g's use
1. jess: hey mim what are you up to?
mim: nothin much, just chinchillin'

2. lizard: heya! whatchya doing?
chinchilla: chinchillin'
lizard: wow! thats an amazing word! i love it!
chinchilla: piss off.

3. neekz: yo ma name is neekz bledd, i iz juss chinchillin'
by mimz_xo January 23, 2010
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