CHIN an insult meaning a Chine inbred
Made up in 2008 at Gloscol (Gloucestershire college) to insult other members of BTEC 1 in Game design.

How it is used "Stop being such a chin you spazz"
by omgsomeone April 01, 2011
chin, an expression that people use for when someone has gone, to far, in a conversation.
A said to B - "Hey what you up to" B says to A - "Nothing, apart from rubbing cream cakes into your mum"... where B is such a chin.
by Chinnerz June 23, 2010
Pills, XTC, Gurners, Little' Un's, Sweeties, Extentions (of the chin)...
The term 'Chins' was coined by the pill heads of Weston-S-Mare, a small town in the south west of England.
The name comes from the erratic movement of one's chin when on pills. a Chin being 1 pill, chins as in many pills
I just smashed down 2 chins, give em' 20mins to kick in then i'll head into town..
by MegGus1 August 06, 2007
English slang word for cocaine mostly used in London; possibly for the effects it has on your jaw movements.
'Look at the state of 'im, gotta be on the chin'
by redliner December 26, 2004
When circumstance or events work against you, or when you create a negative situation of your own making, and there is nothing that can be done other than to accept it.
I know you're upset that your bike was stolen but there's nothing you can do about it, it is just chin.
by Terry Firmer September 05, 2011
Someone with multiple chins, which must be kept fed. Or they will rampage through the town, destroying anything and everything, like Godzilla. Often called an Alycia.
Dude, did you see all of those Chins?
YES! It must be an Alycia!
by beornlikesdahoneh April 28, 2011
to chin, is to fight
to be chinned is to be beaten up
me:If u dont shut the fuck up, u iz gon get chinned mutherfucker
by Tha Iceman June 27, 2006

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