A person of Chinese descent..
That chin ripped me off!
by Rayza January 22, 2004
Someone you don't fuck with. Typically kills herd of 1.2 billion fuckin' ugly reds.
"You don't fuck with Chin!"
by Crispy Jack June 05, 2015
1. The lowermost part of the face
2. a 2010 graduate of Century High School in Santa Ana CA
Chin, you need to find God.
by destrosadordeculosapretados March 30, 2011
v. chinned, chin·ning
v. tr.
To hurl excessive quantities of blank-firing grenades into a room before entering.
Named after a CQB (Close Quarter Battle) instructor (Mr. Chin) who, when playing airsoft, excessively uses blank-firing grenades to clear each and every room he encounters to avoid the direct engagement of a target.
by leetabix June 27, 2006
(british slang): to consume a container of alcohol in such a way that your chin faces the ceiling, resulting in such rapid consumption that breathing is not possible; to chug or pound a drink.
He just chinned a whole pint!
by morethanyoucanshakeastickat August 13, 2006
A pre-pubescent player of online video games who uses the voice chat functions much to the dismay of older players. Named so because of the relation between the high-pitched squeal of their voice and their balls having not yet dropped, implying that their balls are so high that they are in fact situated upon their chin.

The term originally appeared within the Cybergamer Xbox community, however has spread into the vocabulary of many online gamers.
ahh man I hate playing with that shockz chin, his voice makes me want to hack my ears off and stick a pitchfork through my eardrum.
by ScottEh October 19, 2012
A nickname to someone with the last name Chinnery in Essex.

Or someone who has an overly large chin, like the Crimson Chin.
"What up Chins"
"Hey, Chins!"
"Chins you dirty socialist"
by CrimsonChin April 07, 2008

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