Not simply a strip of facial hair but a complete and utter way of life that only the most elite, select few can conquer and uphold. Often comes with the dougie.
Girls flocked to Dylan's chin strap, as they knew with great facial hair, comes great responsibiliy.
by Steady Strappin' December 21, 2010
The thing that keeps a helmet on your head.

Makes you look goofy, which is hard to do since you already have a helmet on your head and you're forty-seven.
"Bob... Bob, seriously."

"What now, Stan?"

"Bob... fucking unbuckle your chinstrap."

"Then what's the point of the helmet, Stan, huh, what then?"

"Then you fucking take the helmet off! You're an embarassment to men. Look, look at that five-year old over there. She's got a helmet on. Your forty-seven, Bob. Wait, just watch this... hey little girl?"

"What you old hags?"

"What do you think of this guy..." *thumbs over*

"The douchebag with that helmet?"

"Hey, I'm not a douchebag you little punk! And you have a helmet on too!"

"Um, yeah, because my mom tells me to; and it's also where I store my weed. Want some?"

"Fuck yeah, how much for a dime?"

"Stan wtf?!"
by cag March 31, 2007
Incarceration Term-
A hard and heavy blow the chin as a form of minor punishment in prison/jail. Usually given for minor incursions. A head will tell a torpedo to administer the chinstrap.
Johnny Boy lost two of his teeth last night when our head told a torpedo to give him a chinstrap.
by Fumanchewd October 25, 2006
To be 'on your chinstrap', means that you are knackered and absolutely positively cannot go on. You're fucked up good and proper.
Military Slang.
"I can't go on, I'm on my chinstrap here."
by Diego July 29, 2003
A chinstrap is when kids grow a beard and wear a hat 24/7. So, it appears that his beard keeps his hat on his head.
Yeah, I know who you're talking about; the guy with the chinstrap and the non prescription glasses.
by nolipz the midnight marauder October 23, 2003
People who wear chin straps since their hormones introduced them to facial hair and most likely having associated with, "The Best."/Ironwood, Michigan.
"When we play Ironwood tonight, we will see man-to-man pressure, double teams, and chin straps.
by J-Off March 17, 2010
When a guy stretches his sack under a girls chin while she gives him head
She was givin a blowjob so i took it to the next level and turned it into a chin strap
by jibbarousseau November 14, 2009
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