Supporter of Hartlepool Utd. Football Club and / or denizen of the Borough of Hartlepool.

(cf "simian-strangler", "monkey-hanger", "gibbon-garotter", "strangler", "cod-head"etc. etc. etc.)
I say, you there, you supporer of Hartlepool United, I aver that you are indeed a "Chimp-choking bastard".
by Stan Grytviken April 01, 2003
Top Definition
A fan of the world's greatest football team HARTLEPOOL UNITED. Derived from the legend of the Hartlepool monkey
Chimp chokers are at least two steps up the evolutionary ladder from Mackems
by leeny burghers July 29, 2003
supporter of the greatest football team in the world HARTLEPOOL UNITED>
The chimp chokers were happy with Hartlepool's recent well deserved and overdue promotion to the second division and are confidently looking forward to winning the championship this year
by stonk bottom August 02, 2003
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