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A sex act where one of the 3 participants is wrapped up tightly in a strong duvet which cuts off blood circulation to the arms and legs and only the head and anus of the person is visible. A Mexican or a person of Mexican descent uses extra hot salsa as a lubrication and fully inserts one or more fingers into the persons anus whilst performing their native Mexican dance - "The Shimmyshanga". Meanwhile the other participant dips his or her genitals in sour cream dip and/or guacamole. They then continue to use various rapid movements to pleasure themselves using the trapped participants face.
-"Hey man how did you and Shannice get on last night?"
-"We hooked up with Pedro and went home. Things got pretty hot and spicy and we ended up doing the chimichanga alllllll night long"

-"i feel awful this morning. feels like I've been wrapped up in a strong duvet whilst a mexican fingered my ass with hot salsa whilst another person slapped a sour cream cock in my face."
-"Mate. You've been chimichanga-ed"
by heisenberg1986 September 07, 2013
a warm sponge; christened with the icing of a wet dribbling fart
That mug was being a right fag, so i shoved a chimi changa in his face
by Dominic Britain July 19, 2008
a Mexican penis
Person 1: Well was it good?
Person 2: Well you know what they say about chimichangas...
by whattajoke October 25, 2010
An over-all saying when it is meant to mean nothing at all and leave people guessing.
What chu thank bout them chimichangas?
by Evan_WaNg ChiZZaMp 8 May 11, 2004
A hot, spicy attractive latina.
Damn, that chimichanga's got it goin on!!!
by Vic-o June 03, 2008
delicious mexican food entre which consists of a mixture of cheese, tortilla, and chicken. (otherwise known as the quesadilla, fajita, and enchilada--but not to be confused with the burrito which quite originally has beans, cheese, a tortilla, and chicken.)
(to waiter at mexican food restauraunt) umm i think i'll have the uhhh..uhm...quesadilla? no wait uhh! the fajitas! gah no i want an enchilada--ok ya i'll take that...no...uh ah you idiot! im so sorry i am such a complete fool but i know what i want--i want the chimichanga--no no lets see...ok no i am definetely in the mood for some quesadillas yep i'll have the quesadillas.

(in waiters mind) poor sucker...they're all the same...
by chicken pot pie May 02, 2007
1. a mexican girl's pussy
2. a mexican dish
I had a nice time with her chimichanga last night
by wAsTe November 13, 2003