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street food similar to hamburger (Dominican Slang)
"A hamburger cheaper than MacDonals"
by dominican connoisseur June 08, 2003
The name for a gorgeous lady who only cares to be herself and doesn't conform to the society around her. A woman who stands up for all that she believes. A girl who loves her family and friends. A female who is strong in the presence of despair, loyal in the presence of temptation and powerful in the presence of danger.
That beautiful girl is such a chimi!

There is only one word for that gorgeous woman, chimi.
by loveislife45 December 02, 2009
A smaller, more pathetic version of a Changa.
Its not about the size of the ship but the motion of the ocean.
Chupps, dehman all dat mean is u geh a Chimi
by GHSFalcon May 12, 2010
Chimi refers to the King of fools.
i.e. That person is such a chimi ( that person is such a big fool)
by Dude June 07, 2003