one not particularly affiliated with the militant hipster tastes or pretentious scenester stylings. an elated existentialist. generally extremely good looking with a relaxed style.
a chillster would never pay 5 dollars for a PBR
by 1725steve April 11, 2011
Top Definition
Some one who is all around relaxed and cool to chill with; namely Patrick Love
'hey man, where can I find a chillster?'
'I know man! Patrick Love!'
by PLove January 21, 2005
Someone who has no idea that they aren't cool. Often affiliated with "Hipster", a chillster is actually a step below. All previous definitions for chillster are wrong, seriously.. think about it. Do you really want to be a chillster?
ex 1."Are you Listening to Avenged Sevenfold on terrible subs in your beat up Intrepid? Dude you are such a chillster"
"Haha- LOL I know bro, chillin forsure"
ex 2 "haha bro we are such buds, but I snitched on you to the cops for money."
"Okay you chillster"
by chrisantz August 19, 2011
A person who thinks there "chill"
Braxton Bernstein im such a chillster. isn't that chill of me.
by Josh from GRA July 10, 2008
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