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I garage where you can hang out with your fiends and relax. a mix between chill and garage
yo do you want to hang out in the cillrage tonight. or we're have a chill session in the chillrage
by caseysobe September 21, 2006

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Chilling and raging at the same time. When you're in the mood to rage but you're tired and/or already too high to move.

i.e sitting on your couch with a blunt in one hand & a bottle in the other, music bumping like you're at a party.

Chill-ragers are the guys standing in the back of the club all night, with their sunglasses on, nodding their head to the beat.
Dude 1: Let's go out and rage tonight!
Dude 2: I'm kinda tired, I just wanna chill rage bro
by Kay_squad December 13, 2012