1. Cooling a substance down in temperature.
2. The suden act of shivering due to temperature change or fever.
3. The act of riding into battle on horseback.
1. I am chilling the beers in the fridge.
2. I caught a chill when I walked outside, it's cold out.
3. "What did you do this weekend?"
"Oh, I was just chilling."

"How did it go?"

"We were victorious!"
#shivering #freezing #hanging out #chill #chilled
by Bobio101 July 30, 2013
Setting an object somewhere cold or sitting yourself down to relax.
This word could be used in several different forms & on several different occasions.
For instance;

I am chilling with my friends on Friday night.

My popsicle is chilling in your freezer.

I'm willing to chill with him if he wants to chill with me.
#chiling #chilleng #to chill #chillin #hang out
by That'sWhatSheSaid. April 27, 2009
SEX, SEX, SEX!!!! Beware!! When your loved one says lets go chill or do some chilling its what they want, and you know it!
Chris: Hey baby....wanna go chill in my bedroom, we can do some chilling tonight..!

Anna: yeah sure baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.o

(commentary: anna knows the true meaning of what this means yet being in a horny state herself is willing to "chill" beside her man)
#bedroom #chill #love #boyfriend #girlfriend
by chaChaCha1111111111 September 16, 2011
Smoking and/or vaping weed, plants, mary jane, doobies, marijuana, leaves, pot, trees, and herbs alone, or with friends.
Mary was chilling in her room alone with Mary Jane.
by ToasterStroodles May 15, 2016
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