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a bunch of friends hanging out, havin a good time
"hey, Wanna have a chillfest on saturday"
by jimmayd September 25, 2007
a word that l.schwartz created in the late 2007 it is a fest of chilling. in other words just hanging doing what ever
hey lindsey do you want to have a chillfest at my house
-you know im always down to chill
by lindsey schwartz March 16, 2008
Having a good time or doing something one enjoy's after a long day at work or hard labor.

It is similar to chill because it involves no thinking and it is a fest because it is fun.
John - Yo man I can't wait to get off this shift and go work another shift and then get of that shift and read text books for a few hours.

Dan - That's lame, I'm having a Chill Fest!

John - What is a Chill Fest?!

Dan - I'm going to do nothing and have tons of fun!
by computerwiz_222 April 20, 2008
chillfest is a verb replacing "hanging out" or "chilling"
"let's chillfest this weekend"
by giustina January 30, 2005
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