something that is really tight. To conferm a sentence

Boy: I will be at your house in five minutes
by Andipearljam October 14, 2008
An impressively large fecal bolus (turd) that, due to its size, rests firmly on the inside of the toilet bowl rather than floats, as if it were simply "chilling out". A very large dump.
"OMG, Kyle just dropped a man-sized chiller in the bathroom! Get that man a plunger!"

"Bro, I straight laid-out a chiller in the deuce cabinet. That thing ain't goin nowhere."
by 7fiqqaniqqa October 09, 2008
a slightly demeaning term for a police officer, cop, popo, etc.
I crossed a red light, and was stopped by a Chiller
by sd January 21, 2005
Said by some coo french-canadian kids, in place of awesome or sick.

Sometimes chillest.
Yo this game is so chiller.
You are mad chillest.
by A canadian September 10, 2003
Chiller orginated in my house. I was sitting there, talking to some people, and of course, eating cheese.
I had a really good day that day. Cool stuff happened.
So..I said my day was Chiller.
Yep..chiller means good..or cool.
Yeah, my day rocked. It was completely Chiller.

Hey dude, those shoes are Chiller.
by Shannon T November 19, 2004
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