Slang for the word 'Chillum' which is a pot smoke device for stoners that is larger than a one hitter. Using the word 'Chillers' in front of people who do not smoke wouldn't know you are talking about smoking chillums. They would probably think you are talking about beers.
Arik: Le'ts go rip some chillers.
Klayton: What a great idea. I haven't smoked in 2 hours.

Ram: Never go to the headshop and get a 'grab bag', I got a lame ass chiller with 'ICP' stamped on it...
Ernie: My chiller was 30 bucks and it is blue and orange and packs deep.

Steven: I sit at home all day and play Call of Duty and rip chillers.
Affelt: Why don't you come to my house and smoke chillers with me.
by Charizard peshyo November 07, 2011
one who exceeds at chilling
"dude that guy is so lax"

"yea he is a mad chiller"
by liljewise January 08, 2011
One who chills or chillaxes, relaxes heavily with mo regard to fuck shit.
some one who supports the Chiller Tribe musical movement.
"man those chillers killed that concert!"
"im a chiller, because i listen to the chiller tribe.."
by Chiller Tribe January 30, 2014
The Chiller is a derivation of the shocker, but preformed after fingers have been chilled in ice water or any alcoholic beverage containing ice.
"She knew the shocker was comming, what she didn't know was that my rye on the rocks wasn't just for drinking..."

"last thing she heard before she passed out from shock was 'CHILLER!'".
by BurnHavoc January 08, 2008
Classic horror arcade video game of 1986.
Made by Exidy .
It is a game played with a light shotgun .

The game itself is divided in 4 levels : the torture chamber , the hall , a second torture chamber and finally the cemetary .

every time you complete one of the level by finding all the secret items before the time ends , you will be rewarded a slot machine bonus and if you finish all four levels finding all the secret items , you are awarded a shoot em up bonus rouds worth a lot of points .

This game is a real sadic one ,, not onlly you must destroy paranormal entities like zombies , ghosts , rats and bats and such but also you have to eliminate what seems to be innocent persons as well .

The game itself is well made and has terrific sounds but its amazing that it got distributed without trouble or censorship .

This game spawned a bootleg remake for the ever so popular Nintendo entertainment system (NES) 8 bit console .
For a quarter you can play the game Chiller .

They made a bootleg version of chiller for the NES 8 Bit .
by P.A. 037 February 05, 2010
Anybody who soul purpose in life is to take up space in society and not contribute. You can find them at local train yards graffitting the fuck out of your gorgeous town. If you have something nice they break it. If you have meth they smoke it. They are laid back individuals who believe work is having to walk to mcdonalds and order a cheeseburger.

Snapchat is like a drug for them. You will find a hundred snapchats a day from them of them asking "what up tho" and "you'd better be chillin or else".
I be a chiller from the 503, if you ain't chillin I be killin.

The chillers were such role models for the young children.
by fred20145 June 09, 2014
A type of highball with ginger ale. Such as Gin Chiller, Vodka Chiller, Rum Chiller, ect.
I'm sick of Gin Chillers, I want a Tom Collins.
by Fase March 14, 2005
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